Crete Homes Feb 22 '16, 11:11AM
Not everyone wants a holiday villa right by the sea or an apartment in town. 

Busy and stressful lives mean that peace, quiet, tranquility and calm are what are some people need to re-charge the batteries.  At Crete Homes, our portfolio covers all types of properties and we have added a selection of properties, which are "Get-away-from-it-all" yet never too far from facilities and the coast. 

Somewhere to sip your morning coffee, listen to the birds, watch the olive trees sway in the breeze.   To be able to dine outside under the stars.  And go to sleep with the windows safely open, drifting off to the night sounds of the countryside or the village.

Similar properties can be viewed in full on our website: ; Or contact Hilary Dawson at for further information.