Membership Terms & Conditions

Hipini Terms & Conditions
(1) Members
(a) Hipini Real Estate Social Media Network is free for all to join. We do not screen members, so cannot guarantee the quality of buyers, sellers, agents or others.

(b) We do not guarantee buyers will find homes, sellers will sell their properties, or agents will secure sales.

(c) We do not guarantee buyers are who they claim to be, sellers are who they claim they are, or agents can provide professional real estate services.

(d)We accept all members joining at their word.

(e)We do not recommend the services of any one company unless clearly stated.

(f) We cannot be held responsible for any member joining, that does not achieve their goal using our real estate marketing platform.

(g) All members join entirely at their own discretion.

(h) Any member found to be not who they claim to be, or who provide false, misleading information will be expelled, and removed from this platform.

(i) Only One Free Basic Account Membership per household/Company allowed.

(J) Private sellers must only advertise 1 private residence for sale. A charge to advertise multiple properties/premises will be at the discretion of Hipini and approval must first be gained and status changed.

(k) Any Free Basic Account Member found to be using multiple accounts to gain additional marketing benefits, will be expelled, and removed from this platform.

(l) Any Account Member found to be providing information to others on behalf of Free Basic Account Members, Buyer/Seller Account Members, or Non Members will be expelled, and removed from this platform.

(m) Your Account must not be used by any other member or non member.

(n) Should any member request their account remain active after their 5 day trial period expires, this will be taken as your legal agreement to pay Hipini Membership fee in full.

(o) We reserve the right to pursue any member for payment in full that uses our upgrade system, whilst we await payment, but does not pay.

(p) We reserve the right to publish information about any agent/member we find to be dishonest.

(q) We reserve the right to remove any members without notice, who we believe not to be acting within the spirit of Hipini Social Media Network. (Your Rights Are Protected).

(r) If a membership account lays dormant for 3 months when there is clear activity on that account from other members, the said account member is sent a deactivation notice. If it remains dormant for 6 months it is removed from our system. This policy prevents agents appearing unresponsive and unprofessional to buyers.
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(2) Pro Account Upgrade
(a) Upgrade to Pro Account Membership and take advantage of our advanced real estate social media communication features.

(b) Hipini Real Estate Social Media Platform is 100% FREE to Join and FREE to market your home for sale or promote your business as a Basic FREE Account Member.

(c) Basic FREE Account Membership has limited Communication Permissions. In order to take advantage of key marketing features and connect with members direct by responding in a modern, casual, and more meaningful social media way, you can upgrade to Pro Membership.

(d) Before upgrading to Pro Account Membership, please ensure you thoroughly understand paragraph (1) and (2). Do not upgrade to Pro Account Membership, to enter into communication with any member you consider to be disingenuous. Do not provide any personal information to any member you are unsure of. Report all unusual activity to your site administrator. Protect your identity, protect your membership, protect yourself at all times.